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Application is open for graduate studies

AD + T Lab welcomes applicants interested in exploring the combination of architectural design and technology in the listed areas under research interests. Applications are open for both master's and doctoral degrees. While a portfolio is not a requirement for application, it is recommended for those with a design background. Proficiency in English (both writing and speaking) is desired due to our international collaborations and publications. Additionally, it is highly recommended to get in touch before submitting your application.

AD + T Lab에는 건축 디자인과 디지털기술의 결합으로 앞에서 제시된 분야의 연구 희망자는 석사 또는 박사학위과정으로 지원 가능합니다.  신청시 포트폴리오는 필수요건은 아니지만, 디자인 배경을 가진 지원자들은 제출을 권장합니다. 국제연구 협력과 국제저널 발표를 위해 어느 정도의 영어 능력이 요구되며, 관심있는 지원자는 사전 연락을 권장합니다.

Department of Interior Architecture and Built Environment

College of Human Ecology

50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Korea, 37220

+82 (0)2-2123-3092~6

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