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Automation in Construction - Nov 2023

      Title: Evaluating Architectural Layouts for Occupancy Pattern and Interactions Using Agent-Based Modelling as a Methodology for Workplace Design

Building and Environment - Oct 2022

      Title: Agent-based modelling for simulating occupancy pattern and social behaviour in workplaces using survey data   


European Association of Architectural Education Conference - Abstract Accepted August 2022

       Title: Algorithmic approaches to occupant centric design


Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul Exhibition - May, 2022

         Research work in ZHA special exhibition ‘Meta-Horizons Future Now’


Hong Kong Design Institute Exhibition - Jan 2022 - Jun 2022

         Research work in ZHA special exhibition ‘Vertical Urbanism’


Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai Exhibition - Jul 2021 - Aug 2021

         Research work in ZHA special exhibition ‘ZHA Close Up - Work & Research Exhibition’


DC I/O Conference - Oct 2020

      Title: Agent-based Parametric Semiology


Social Simulation Conference - Sep 2019

      Title: Agent-based model and empirical data integration in architectural design methodology for corporate offices


IoA University of Applied Arts Vienna - May 2019  

       Exhibition and symposium on agent-based Parametric Semiology


Architectural Association Symposium & Exhibition - Dec 2018

       Exhibition and symposium on agent-based Parametric Semiology


Next Generation Building Journal - Oct 2015

      Title: Performance driven self-supporting curved surface morphologies and tectonic  in current practice


ACADIA  - May 2014

      Title: Multi-scalar Agent-based complex design systems, The case of CECO(Climatic Ecologies)studio :  Informed generative design systems and performance driven design work flow


Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering - May 2014

      Title: Climatic Formations : Evolutionary Dynamics of urban morphologies


CAADRIA - May 2014

      Title: Urban Genome

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